My Thoughts on the Sorority Email Rant

I’ve been torn on whether I should write about the insane email sent by a sorority sister to her chapter. Simply Sorority is about promoting the positive when it comes to sororities. That said, I feel compelled to share my opinions on this crazy email.

The first thing that comes to my mind is: “Why did this email go viral but not the (literally) thousands of encouraging and respectful emails that are sent by sororities sisters each day?” I suppose it’s obvious. We, as a society, feed off drama. It’s sad to admit but something I believe to be true.

Additionally, the email promotes a stereotype of sorority women. Stereotypes are comfortable — they do not challenge us to question our thoughts and opinions on subjects or people. They are familiar and provide comfort in knowing that other people “think” the same way we do. When an action happens to reinforce a stereotype, people jump all over the chance to back-up their opinions. Stereotypes are within our comfort zone and provide constant assurance that we have society figured out.

I’m not pretending that sororities are perfect. And I will not say that the author of the email is just one bad example, and every other sorority member is straight-laced, courteous and respectful. I understand there are issues in the Greek system that must be worked on to achieve a greater sense of community and to be respected as a whole. I get it.

But the email taugt me this: Simply Sorority needs to make a comeback. When the media and society feed off negative stories, I am only more encouraged to promote the good. The philanthropic events, the sisterhood bond, the academic support and commitment to traditions and values.

So there you have it. While I’m not happy that a bizarre and inappropriate email has brought horrible attention to the Greek system, I do appreciate that my desire to “celebrate sisterhood” is back. Join me! Send me your stories and pictures to be featured on Simply Sorority:

Chi Omega : Founders’ Day

As you may know, the purpose and mission of Simply Sorority is to bring sorority women together, celebrate sisterhood and break down negative stereotypes. While Simply Sorority exists to promote all sororities, today is very special for me and my Chi Omega sisters. One hundred and seventeen years ago today, our five founders began a truly special organization at the University of Arkansas. Happy Founders’ Day, Chi Omega!

I could go on and on (and on!) about my experiences in Chi Omega. As a collegian, I immersed myself in all that it had to offer. Study sessions, chapter meetings, Monday Night Dinners, fraternity socials, formals, football blocks – you name it. I was even lucky enough to serve my chapter as Recruitment Chair and represent my sisters during Formal Recruitment.

In college I was surrounded by women who made me want to become a better person. I was inspired – daily – by everything my sisters were achieving. I knew Chi Omega had truly become a home to me. I was accepted. I was encouraged. I was loved and respected by my sisters.

Although past tense doesn’t make much sense – I am accepted. I am encouraged, loved and respected. Chi Omega is for a lifetime!

To my Chi Omega sisters, near and far, thank you so much for an absolutely wonderful sisterhood. Here’s to another 117 years!

Being an Advisor

I always knew that my involvement in a sorority would extend past my college days as an active collegiate sister. I currently have the pleasure of serving as an advisor for the Chi Omega chapter at Stanford University. Working with the community service chairs as been such a rewarding experience, and I’ve truly learned so much through my advising.

I actually work in the nonprofit sector, so this advisor role is a perfect match for my interests. Advising is a great way for alumnae to use their skills and talents to help collegiate sisters in their mission to uphold their sorority’s values. 

I serve as a sounding board to the active sisters – they share their ideas, excitement and moments of hesitation with me. My job is not to tell them what to do, rather share my experiences and help them see the big picture. Ultimately, I want them to make their own decisions – I’m just there to help them throughout the process. 

And if I’m being honest, I love serving as an advisor because I just quite let go of being in college! I love attending chapter meetings and talking with the girls about their upcoming tests, formal parties and philanthropies. I absolutely loved my college days, and I’m so happy to be surrounded by a new group of women who are enjoying their sorority experience. 

Are you a collegiate or an alumna? What’s your view on remaining an active sister after college?

International Badge Day

Happy International Badge Day!

Source: NPC

From the National Panhellenic Conference: “International Badge Day was established in 1997 by the National Panhellenic Conference to set aside a day for women throughout the world to wear their sorority badges or Greek letters in a celebration of sisterhood.”

I’m the advisor representative for a chapter meeting tonight, so I’ll be wearing my badge later!

Did you wear your sorority badge today?!

THON 2012

Have you heard about THON?

THON is the Penn State IFC/Panhellenic Dance Marathon philanthropy that raises money in the fight against pediatric cancer.

Let’s be honest, over the past couple of months Penn State has been thrown into the spotlight because of a major scandal. Many students were brought to the national stage when they rioted in the streets after Joe Paterno was fired in the fall. And while I am not trying to belittle the complete seriousness of the situation, it is refreshing to see the students of Penn State rally together for a good cause.

THON, completely managed by students, was held this past weekend. Listen to this: over $10 million dollars was raised.

TEN MILLION DOLLARS! Sororities, fraternities and over 350 student organizations participated in this year’s philanthropy.

Kudos to all the sorority sisters and fraternity brothers for planning an absolutely successful philanthropy!

Have you ever participated in a Dance Marathon?!

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln holds one every year, and I participated when I was in college!

Here We Go Again…

Six months. That’s how long it’s been.

How many posts like this am I going to have to write? I get back into the Simply Sorority groove only to fall out of it in a matter of months. Life has been hectic lately, but I feel like I’m finally getting a grasp on it.

Here’s what I know: I truly believe in the mission of Simply Sorority. While I don’t have as much time as I would like to devote to this blog, I do have some time and that is enough.

I know that, as of now, this is not a blog that will be updated daily (but I hope it becomes that someday!). My goal is to post regularly – possibly once a week. Maybe it will be a quick post linking to a stellar article I found or a few lines congratulating a chapter on their successful philanthropy. Maybe it will just be random ramblings from yours truly. Whichever it is, I do hope to make this a weekly thing.

I love interacting with you on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest – to be honest, I’ve missed that!

So there you go. I’m back. Sort of. Hope you didn’t miss me too much! :)

Simply Sorority on Pinterest

Simply Sorority’s mission is to celebrate the sisterhood that all sorority women share and to break down negative stereotypes. This is done through sharing real stories about real sorority sisters.

I also want Simply Sorority to serve as a resource to you and your chapter – hopefully you’ll find inspiration in the stories that are published here.

With that being said, I want Simply Sorority to also be fun. I’ve been having great conversations with you on Twitter and Facebook, so I’m excited to announce a new way in which we can have some fun together: Pinterest!

I joined Pinterest this weekend. Basically you make various boards – home decor, fashion, recipes, etc. – and “pin” pictures from the web onto these boards.

I’m hoping to create a board for each sorority affiliated with the National Panhellenic Conference. So far, I’ve done three!



I’ve made boards for Delta Gamma, Kappa Kappa Gamma and Chi Omega. I’m adding new pictures to these boards daily, so if you’re on Pinterest, follow along! Also be on the lookout for boards for the remaining NPC sororities!